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 Mike Petkovski
Mike Petkovski was born in Skopje on July 30, 1951, into a musical and artistic family. His mother was born in Galicnik and his father in Debar. He showed an interest in music at a very early age learning to play recorder and then accordion. At ... (more)

 What’s new at Your Doctor’s Office?
Ontario citizens may soon find something new at their doctor’s office. Over the next year or so major changes will be made to the way health care is delivered in this province. Doctors will join groups known as a Family Health Groups (FHG) or Fa ... (more)

 Nak Inter Media
NAK interMEDIA, headed by Nick Kuburovski, is a leading media company serving the Macedonian community in Canada and around the world. Nick is a proud Macedonian and an active participant in Macedonian organizations and church committees sinc ... (more)

 Three Trains, Three Days - Two Lovers, Two Nights
The early morning sun shattered off the windshields of the cars racing along the highway as the taxi weaved in and out of the traffic on our way to Union Station. Arriving a half-hour before departure we carried our bags through the towering g ... (more)

 The Town of Krushevo
Krushevo is a town where the past lives simultaneously with the present. One of the unique features of Krushevo are its narrow streets paved with stone and cobblestone, and architecture dominated by stone, wood and “Krushevo blue” facades. Ment ... (more)

 Krushevo Republic
After almost five hundred years of Ottoman occupation, a national reawakening occurred amongst the Macedonians – a desire to achieve national independence and self-determination – a free Macedonia for Macedonians. The dissatisfaction of the Mac ... (more)

Bitola, the Consul city of the past is the present site of the International Gymnastics Competition “Bitola 2006”. This year’s competition will be held on September 30th. Alongside last year’s participants from Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Mo ... (more)

 St. Zlata of Meglen
St. Zlata lived in the second half of the 18th century. She was born in the village of Slatino, Meglen, in Aegean Macedonia her parents, both Macedonians, were very poor. She was a beautiful young girl possessed of a strong Christian faith. A ... (more)

August 2nd became a day of historic importance and national pride for Macedonians when, in 338 BC the Macedonian army led by the Macedonian king – Philip of Macedon and his young son, Alexander, who later became known as the Great, totally def ... (more)



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