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The early morning sun shattered off the windshields of the cars racing along the highway as the taxi weaved in and out of the traffic on our way to Union Station. Arriving a half-hour before departure we carried our bags through the towering g ... (more)
For weeks, I had been having the same dream. I could never quite make out her face, but I knew her well. She was standing by the waterfront calling my name, a tear gently rolling down her cheek. I tried to get close to comfort her but my feet wou ... (more)
Richard Bangs has paddled African rivers, journeyed to Antarctica, trekked to Himalayan mountain thrones, bestowed digital cameras upon New Guinea highland villagers, and made the first 21st-century Western foray into Libya. Richard recently ... (more)
Malev Hungarian Airlines is the number one airline for service to Macedonia. Flying via Budapest with connecting flights to Skopje and numerous other central, southern, and eastern European destinations Malev has firmly established itself as t ... (more)
CURTAIN RISES A man is rushing around his apartment swearing to himself as he throws things into a suitcase. Taking one last look around, he grabs his jacket and races out to the waiting taxi.MAN: Union Station, as ... (more)
One hundred kilometres east and one hundred years back in time I arrive at the small town. The message had been simple, “Meet me at Dr. Corbett’s Inn, we have to talk”. Enquiring at the front desk of the ten room, converted bank buildi ... (more)
A half-dozen rainbow lorikeets are perched on my head, arms and shoulders, fighting to see who will be first to drink the cup of nectar I hold in my hands. Meanwhile Blue Macaws high up in the rain forest are screeching to each other and in the b ... (more)


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