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If you know anyone who is outstanding in their field or has made a special contribution to the community, you can NOMINATE them for the next Macedonian of the Month by filling out the online form.  ... (more)
Mike Petkovski was born in Skopje on July 30, 1951, into a musical and artistic family. His mother was born in Galicnik and his father in Debar. He showed an interest in music at a very early age learning to play recorder and then accordion. At ... (more)
Lauren Elise Karatanevski, this month’s Macedonian of the Month, was born July 7, 1984 in Toronto. She is a one-meter and three-meter nationally ranked diver who is looking forward to representing her country at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For ... (more)
Van Petroff was 7 years old when he arrived in Canada from Bitola in1930 and settled in St. Thomas, Ontario. Although Canada was suffering through the great depression, it seemed like heaven compared to the dire conditions in the country he ... (more)
Recently the Macedonian community was privileged to have its own film festival. This historic event would not have been possible without the vision, dedication and experience of Virginia Evans. Virginia Andreoff was born in T ... (more)
Lui Temelkovski was born in a small village in Macedonia, where there was no running water or electricity, no cars and only a few bicycles. At the age of 13 he immigrated to Canada with his family. Speaking neither English or French his ... (more)


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