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NAK interMEDIA, headed by Nick Kuburovski, is a leading media company serving the Macedonian community in Canada and around the world. Nick is a proud Macedonian and an active participant in Macedonian organizations and church committees sinc ... (more)
A single traffic ticket can double or even triple your insurance premiums! A conviction for impaired driving can result in a $5000 fine, jail time, license suspension, and a criminal record that will prevent you from entering the USA. If you are ... (more)
Are you planning a home renovation? Maybe you are planning a dream kitchen or a beautiful new bathroom? Perhaps you need additional living space or even a complete new custom home. Unfortunately many people’s renovation dreams turn into ... (more)
Carla Evans-Kerr’s early years were influenced by the strong commitment of her family to Macedonian life in Toronto. Carla’s father, Dr. Carl Evans the first Macedonian optometrist in Toronto was responsible for one of the most significant ... (more)
Tony Bozinovski is an independent registered financial advisor with Berkshire Securities Incorporated with over 12 years of professional experience in dealing with the personal financial and retirement planning needs of the Macedonian and C ... (more)


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