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Krushevo is a town where the past lives simultaneously with the present. One of the unique features of Krushevo are its narrow streets paved with stone and cobblestone, and architecture dominated by stone, wood and “Krushevo blue” facades. Ment ... (more)
The shores around Lake Ohrid have been inhabited since prehistoric times. Archaeological digs have discovered evidence of settlements from the Neolithic period (6000 years B.C.). The earliest known inhabitants of the region were Brigians, Ohrygia ... (more)
Gabresh nestled at the base of Mount Kula, east of Mount Malimadi, and bordering the villages D’mbeni to the south, Breznitsa to the north, and Drenoveni and Pozdivishcha to the east, in a region called Koreshta. It was a small village, home to a ... (more)
In the south west of Macedonia at a height of over 600 metres above sea level, lies a town that is more than 2400 years old. Founded by Philip II of Macedon it was originally named Heraclea Lyncestis, became known as Monastir as part of the Ottom ... (more)
The village of Oshchima is located between the cities of Lerin and Kostour at the Prespa-Lerin intersection near the source of the River Bistritsa in northwestern Aegean Macedonia. The village lies at an elevation of 1020 meters above sea level a ... (more)


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