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Nak Inter Media

NAK interMEDIA, headed by Nick Kuburovski, is a leading media company serving the Macedonian community in Canada and around the world.

Nick is a proud Macedonian and an active participant in Macedonian organizations and church committees since the early 1990’s. His passion for bringing businesses and professionals closer to the Macedonian community in Toronto and nationwide resulted in the organization of the Canadian-Macedonian Business and Professional Association (CMBPA). In 1992 he represented the CMBPA at the first World Macedonian Congress held in Skopje, Macedonia.

Continuing his positive contributions to the Macedonian community, Nick founded the Canadian - Macedonian Business Network (CMBN) in 1996, and launched the first Macedonian Business Directory on the Internet. In 1999 he published the first print edition of the Macedonian-Canadian Business Directory, and is currently preparing the 2007 edition. NAK interMEDIA’s current publications include the Macedonian-Canadian Business Directory printed yearly since 1999, MakBiz.net – Macedonian Business Network and Macedonian Life Magazine.

MakBiz.Net is an International Online Macedonian Business Directory. The premier one-stop destination for everything Macedonian, including: Businesses; Professionals; Churches; Organizations; Educational Institutions; Charities; Embassies and Consulates; Government Departments; etc.

The purpose of MakBiz.net is:
-To provide a central location where Macedonian businesses, worldwide, can promote their business both locally and interna tionally. -To represent Macedonian Business & Professionals from every part of the world. -To provide cost effective marketing solutions that help Macedonian businesses achieve success. -To provide a central location where consumers can easily locate products and services offered by Macedonians MakBiz.net offers FREE Business Listings to every Macedonian Business, Professional, Church, Organization, etc., located anywhere in the world.

Other fee based advertising options are also available at www.MakBiz.net

The Macedonian-Canadian Business Directory (MCBD) printed annually since 1999, has proven to be a great marketing tool for promoting products and services to the Macedonian Community in Canada, and is a great resource for all Macedonians.

The MCBD is the largest Macedonian print directory in North America, and is distributed to Macedonian communities in Southern Ontario and across Canada. The directory consists of Yellow Pages and White Pages.

The Yellow Pages provide advertisements by Macedonian businesses and professionals, organized in alphabetical order by category.

The White Pages provide listings of Macedonian Churches in Canada and United States; Embassies; Consulates; Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Macedonia; Macedonian Associations and Organizations in Canada. This high quality directory is an indispensable reference for every Macedonian home.

For copies of the 2006 edition, or to advertise in the 2007 edition, you can call Nick at (905) 764-7816

Macedonian Life is a monthly magazine serving the Macedonian Community in Canada. This high quality magazine is the newest NAK interMEDIA’s publication.

Macedonia is blessed with a long history and rich culture that needs to be explored. Every month the magazine features a brief history of a Macedonian village, town or city, and explores a piece of our history and culture through features on cultural and historical events.

Celebrating the achievements of our community members “The Macedonian of the Month”, is a regular feature where readers can nominate people who make a positive contribution to our community, through their activities in business, education, health-care, sports, arts, etc.

For the business community, Macedonian Life is a high quality magazine with extensive distribution. You can promote your business in the “Business of the Month” feature, and introduce your products and services to our community through a variety of marketing opportunities. Macedonian Life also covers entertainment, sports, business, travel, and news from Macedonia, Canada and around the world.

Through a better understanding of our past we will be in a position to become a stronger community in the future. The ultimate goal of Macedonian Life is to bring our community closer.

The magazine is distributed at various locations in our community and is also available through subscription. Macedonian Life - Exploring our Past, Celebrating our Present and Leading us into the Future.

For advertising information or to subscribe visit our website www.macedonianlife.com or call: (905) 764-7816


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