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Mike Petkovski

Mike Petkovski was born in Skopje on July 30, 1951, into a musical and artistic family. His mother was born in Galicnik and his father in Debar.

He showed an interest in music at a very early age learning to play recorder and then accordion. At the age of eight, he auditioned for the local music school and was accepted. It was there he learnt music, piano, solfedgio, cello, orchestra, history of music, counterpoint, harmony etc.

The first group he played in was the string ensemble at the Desetogodisno muzicko uciliste. He toured Macedonia and played in all of the big towns including, Bitola, Prilep, Gevgelija, Veles, Kumanovo, Gostivar, Tetovo, and Ohrid.

In the sixties, he played in the rock band “Neobicni” who won the Macedonian competition for the best band. He did a lot of arranging and recording on piano and keyboards for Radio Skopje for singers such as Andrea Sopronov, Maja Ogaklievska, Lena Trajkovska, Vanco Tarabunov, Daniela Pancetovic and many others. He played with “Republika 903” performed with many great musician from Skopje including Charlie, Lima, Kargov; Bugarinski, Dragi Mackica, Adam Lesh, Cobe violina, Petar Lukic, Zivorad Glisic. He played in “BisBez”, a band formed from “Biseri” and “Bezimeni” two of the best rock bands in Macedonia at the time.

After finishing high school and Desetogodisno muzicko uciliste he was accepted at the University of Kiril & Metodija in the music department (Muzicka Akademija) where he studied cello with Professor Duska Tasevska and later with the Great Andre Navarra. He started playing instrumental music and formed “Breg”. He joined the band “Smak” and recorded two albums with them.

After completing his military service, he worked with Smak again and produced an album for Sladjana Aleksandra Milosevic. Shortly after, he left the country and moved to the U.S.A where he worked as a studio musician in Chicago, but he wasn’t happy there so he emigrated to Canada.

He attended York University to pursue Jazz Studies under John Gittens, Frank Falco and Don Thompson.

His European experience includes several albums and CDs involving work with Grammy Award Winner Martin Levan and Brand X Percussionist Morris Pert.

His North American experience includes touring, performing and recording with many renowned artists including Grammy Award Winner Allanah Myles, Jeff Healy Band, Bassist Joe Rockman, and Peter Bleakeney. He has toured throughout Canada and the USA, performing at venues such as Roy Thompson Hall, Canada’s Wonderland and on TVO. Mike’s compositions and productions include contemporary, fusion, jazz and short film scores and jingles. In recent years, Miki Petkovski has devoted his efforts to developing the talent and ability of young artists, recording, producing and teaching. His publications include a selection of original jazz piano compositions for the serious student. In his state-of-the-art studio, he has produced CDs by young musicians in a variety of styles including classical, Broadway, pop, jazz and ethno.

As Head of the Jazz Piano section of the Peel Music Festival, one of the oldest and largest competitive music festivals in Canada, Mike is working hard to instill an appreciation and awareness of jazz among today’s young musicians. He has three daughters, all involved with music. The eldest is 14, plays cello, sax and clarinet, and completed grade 10 piano, grade 3&5 History of music, Grade 3&4 Harmony, and is working on ARCT. The middle daughter plays violin, clarinet and sings, and is working on Grade 10 piano and Grade2 theory. The youngest is eight, plays violin and drums, and is working on Grade 6 piano.

Mike says his greatest contribution is, helping Macedonia to gain respect and recognition musically and culturally not just in Macedonia but everywhere else on the planet.


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