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2006 Macedonian Open Golf Tournament Report

For the first time in 64 years, the Macedonian Open Golf Tournament had to be rescheduled because of rain. As usual most golfers arrived at the Cardinal Golf Club on the morning of July 12th, registered, and had a sausage or two while patiently waiting and hoping for rain to stop, and some were beginning to doubt that God was Macedonian.

After a long delay, the organizers decided to reschedule the tournament and Stan Thomas (Tournament Chairman) made the announcement and assured everyone that God was still Macedonian but today decided to look after the farmers. Two weeks later on July 26th, the weather was hot and humid and the tournament was again a big success.

The following are the trophy and prize winners of the 64th Annual Macedonian Open Golf Tournament:
Peter Naumovski was the winner of the Van Petroff Trophy as he posted a Low Gross score of 79, followed by George Markov, winner of the Cuzo Tamo Memorial Trophy with the Second Low Gross score of 80.
Macedonian Seniors (50+) The Alex Evans Memorial Trophy, won by Tom Roidis with a low gross of 79.
Macedonian Dedos (65+)
Nick Kelly shot low gross 75 to win the Alex Alexander Trophy
Juniors (17 and Under)
Brett Bitove won the Adams, Masin & Tilley Trophy as the best junior with a low gross 75.
Christine Bozanis shot low gross score of 94 to win the Stanley (Nace) Thomas Trophy
Steve Parsons won the Steve Stavro Memorial Trophy with a low gross score of 72
Seniors Guest (50+)
Brian Stewart shot a low gross 75 to win Chris Vasilev Family Trophy
Dotsa Bitove Trophy was won by the team of John Bitove Jr., Nicholas Bitove, Natalie Bitove and Jonathan Bitove, with a low net 292.
Closest to the Pin Alex Alexander – East Coarse 17th Hole
Daniel Pechenkov – West Coarse 16th Hole


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