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August Edition

July was a month full of outdoor activities, including Picnics, Festivals, Golf Tournaments and other sporting events.

This year for the first time in its 64 year history, the Macedonian Open Golf Tournament had to be rescheduled due to rain. If you recall in our July feature on the Golf Tournament we said “As usual the weather is always perfect, it is for this reason that many believe that God is Macedonian”. I guess you could say that God works in mysterious ways.

July was also a travel month as Keith Whiting visited Kingston, Ontario. Richard Bangs a world adventurer, international river explorer, Web pioneer, and award winning author explored Macedonia to unlock its treasures, and uncover some of its many mysteries. And for anyone who wants to go on their own Macedonian adventure,you can read all about Malev Hungarian Airlines’ regular flights to Skopje.

In other news, we have added content to our MacedonianLife.com website thus increasing the exposure of the Magazine both locally and internationally. Registered users now have the ability to upload articles, pictures and give credit to someone who deserves it, by nominating them for the next Macedonian of the Month.

Enjoy the magazine and I look forward to speaking to you again next month.

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Nick Kuburovski,


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