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Macedonian Youth Convention 2006

It was one of the greatest Macedonian events in the history of Toronto as MOYANA (Macedonian Orthodox Youth Association of North America) and MASCOT (Macedonian Association at St Clement of Ohrid in Toronto) hosted the 3rd annual Macedonian Youth Convention in Toronto the weekend of May 25-28.

The weekend kicked off Thursday night with Biser firing up the crowd of over 400 at the Fox and Fiddle on Kennedy Road in Scarborough. It was an amazing night filled with fun, good times, and the best oros anywhere. Friday night was no different when Rumba rocked the house at the Ramada Hotel and the crowd was treated to a special surprise, a guest appearance from Narodni, a singer from back home, Tuse. Everyone had a wicked time and the Macedonian Youth Convention was off to a great start.

Saturday afternoon was a chance for Macedonian Youth to display their soccer and beach volleyball skills, when MOYANA - MASCOT held a beach volleyball, and soccer tournament at the Docks. The day was full of excitement, camaraderie, and heated competition. Kicking off with the beach volleyball tournament, the teams were vying for the coveted MYC 06 gold medal. After some ferocious spikes and unbelievable digs the victors were finally decided, beating out numerous others, the team of Jason Radovski, Stefce Miceski and sisters Nicole Lazarevski, Jenny Lazarevski came out on top. The crowd cheered and the victors, spent from battle, ascended to the throne of volleyball supremacy.

Following the volleyball tournament, a great soccer match between the Macedonian Lions and the Toronto Macedonians took place. Playing before an eager crowd the game was full of action. Riding on the back of the phenomenon commonly known as “calves”, number 16 of the Toronto Macedonians, set fire to the game scoring 8 times to the Lions 2.

Rest was not an option, as the convention moved from the Docks in the afternoon to the Enterprise 2000 in the evening. The popularity of this event could be judged by the lineup on the dock awaiting permission to board the vessel. The lineup was long but the wait was well worth it as the boat, packed with some 300 party goers from all over North America, sailed into the sunset and everyone had a good time.

The night was crisp and cool, perfect for a night out sailing. In the lounge partygoers helped themselves to delicious food prepared by St. Clement of Ohrid. Everyone enjoyed this unique venue which offered the best of both worlds - a club experience with a Macedonian feel, especially great was the remix from Svadba Golema to Snoop Dog’s “Beautiful”. With the dj spinning a variety of music from classic euro and freestyle to reggae and Latino music the dance floor was crowded, and the experience truly memorable.

 If you weren’t breaking a sweat on the dance floor you were probably out on the bow of the ship soaking up the picturesque shoreline of the Toronto Harbour. The evening went by in a blur, but then again, as the saying goes time flies when you’re having fun. And what can possibly be more fun than an evening spent with friends, dancing, laughing, and gazing at the beautiful city of Toronto.

Sunday afternoon began with a charity hockey game between the Macedonian Lions and the Italian Gladiators. Back to back goals were scored to keep the game exciting. In the second period Sasho Pavlovski, from the Macedonian Lions, was hit with a puck to the face and had to leave the game. With him gone, the Italian Gladiators scored a go ahead goal and it was 3 - 2. With precious seconds left the Macedonians pulled their goalie, only to have an empty net goal scored on them. The final score 4 - 2 for the Italian Gladiators.

Sunday Night’s Gala marked the fifth anniversary of MOYANA, celebrated with motivational speeches delivered by such high profile individuals as the Macedonian ambassador to Canada, Dr. Sashko Nasev, and the popular Canadian author Scott Taylor. A short film segment depicting previous youth achievements of Macedonians in Toronto was presented to the Gala attendees. The programme was further enriched with arias sung by the famous Macedonian opera singer Aleksandra Buloburski and an award ceremony for the winners of the soccer and volleyball tournaments. MOYANA - MASCOT also presented a special award to Chris Mojsovski for his contributions to Macedonian youth. To end the night guests were entertained by Tuse and Biser.

The Macedonian Youth Convention is the beginning of a revitalization for the next generation of Macedonian youth in North America. With the MYC, we set a new standard for Macedonian events. However events like these can’t be successful without teamwork and cooperation between our organizations, and these organizations can’t exist if they don’t have members. So we encourage everyone to join their local Macedonian youth and student groups, become active in helping our communities grow, and keep our culture alive.

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