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Lui Temelkovski
Member of Parliament in Canada

Lui Temelkovski was born in a small village in Macedonia, where there was no running water or electricity, no cars and only a few bicycles. At the age of 13 he immigrated to Canada with his family. Speaking neither English or French his parents became hard working Canadians whose sole aim was to give their children an opportunity to succeed.
And Lui did that, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University and built a successful career as a businessman. He was the Director of Advisor Development at Freedom 55 Financial, a leading Canadian financial services company, and was honoured by The Ontario Government with an appointment to its advisory council on multiculturalism and citizenship. In 2002 he received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for significant contributions to the betterment of society. He has also served as mayor, and later, chairman to the Toronto Caravan Festivals.

Lui is a strong environmental advocate who doesn’t just talk about the environment but acts on preserving it, planting trees with his family every year with the 10,000 Trees organization.

He is a strong believer in the Canadian mosaic, embracing the multiculturalism philosophy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Playing a very active role in his church community he was the president of its founding committee. But he also believes that people have the right to their own beliefs and cultures, and to live their own lives in a tolerant Canadian society.

Fluent in Italian, Macedonian, English, and improving in French, Lui is a vigorous and dynamic 51 year-old. With his strong commitment to Canadian values, he now takes his knowledge and life skills to Ottawa as the Member of Parliament for Oak Ridges- Markham.

Since being in Ottawa, Lui has been appointed to serve on the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration. This was a great honour and of particular importance to Lui as the Oak Ridges-Markham riding becomes home to over 10,000 new immigrants a year. Lui’s dedication and service to his fellow Macedonians and to the Canadian community at large makes him our first choice as Macedonian Of The Month.


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