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September Edition

I would like to share with you an experience I had 14 years ago.
In late August 1992, a group of us were returning from a business convention in Macedonia.
During our flight from Sofia, Bulgaria to Montreal an elderly women asked us if we could guide her along the way to Toronto. Sure I said, “Just follow us and we’ll be happy to help you”. Since our departure from Sofia was delayed, there was a good possibility that we’d miss our connecting flight from Montreal’s Mirabel airport to our final destination in Toronto.
Upon arrival at Mirabel we were informed there was a flight leaving from Dorval airport in approximately one hour. Quickly gathering our luggage, we squeezed into three taxicabs, and went on a 45-minute adventure ride to Dorval. Oh, yes the elderly woman was still with us.
We arrived at the check in counter, with only minutes to spare, but encountered another minor obstacle - we had one more person then available seats. After some confusion and anxiousness, I offered the seat to the woman while I stayed behind.
Calmly observing the situation from behind me was a gentleman who I held in very high regard. He tapped me on the shoulder and quietly said, “I’ll stay behind with you.” Stranded in Montreal, we checked into a hotel. The following morning we took the first flight back to Toronto. To finish the journey home his wife Nadezda picked us up from the airport.
The gentleman’s name was Kiro Pechenkovski. Kiro is the president of KP Bronze, a very successful company in Aurora.
Kiro and I had lunch together last month – late August, perhaps on the same day of our experience 14 years ago. I’m not sure what this means, but this special memory will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Nick Kuburovski


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