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Macedonian Film Festival

North America’s first Macedonian Film Festival will be held on May 27th and May 28th 2006. The venue for the Festival will be at Town Hall Theatre, in Innis College, on the University of Toronto campus. There will be six screenings comprised of classic Macedonian films, contemporary feature films and documentaries all with English sub-titles. Select screenings will be followed by a question and answer period with the director.

There are many very successful ethnic film festivals in Toronto (Jewish, Ukrainian, Italian & Asian, to name a few) and the producers of the Macedonian Film Festival are confident that their festival will be joining the ranks of the others and become an annual event. Toronto and the surrounding areas have approximately 250,000 ethnic Macedonians and it is time that the talents of Macedonian filmmakers from Macedonia, Canada and around the world are showcased to this audience, as well as to all Canadian film enthusiasts.

Macedonian filmmaking has been alive and well in Macedonia for over 100 years ever since the Manaki brothers made their first film in 1905. Since that time there have been several acclaimed Macedonian films which have been shown at a number of international film festivals including Cannes, Venice, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Two films in particular, Before the Rain and Black Seed have been nominated for Academy Awards in the foreign film category.

In 2003, the Macedonian community in Toronto had the privilege of attending a screening of Milcho Manchevski’s movie Dust followed by a question and answer period with the director himself. It was evident by the “sold out” status of this event that the Macedonian community was ready for its first film festival. The well-attended screenings of Sandra Danilovic’s documentary Just Arrived in 2004 and Suzana Dinevski’s prize winning film The Children of 1948 in 2005 further demonstrated the community’s enthusiasm for Macedonian films.

Tickets are $12 each (per screening) and will be sold at the Box Office (Canadian Macedonian Place - 850 O’Connor Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4B 3L6) between 1:00pm-4:00pm on May 6th&7th, May 13th&14th and May 20th&21st (cash & cheques accepted).

Some Films Include:
- The Great Water (Golemata Voda) (2004) Directed By: Ivo Trajkov
- Miss Stone (1958) Directed By: Zivorad Mitrovic
- How I Killed A Saint (2004) Directed By: Teona Mitevska
- Portrait of A Street (2001) Directed By: Sandra Danilovic
- Dance with Me (1997) Directed By: Cassandra Nicolaou


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