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Reactions from North America’s first Macedonian Film Festival
held on May 27th and 28th 2006 in Toronto, Canada.

I am very pleased that we were able to bring an entirely new kind of event to Toronto and the Macedonian community. We screened twelve films, an eclectic choice that ran the gamut in genre. The other members of the committee were an essential part. Any kudos should be spread among all of us. We hope that we will be able to build an even better and bigger team for our next film festival. It was not an easy task and took many, many hours of volunteer time. To make it better, we will need more specialized expertise. But, all in all, it was a super and successful first film festival, and I look forward to the Macedonian Film Festival in 2007.
Virginia Evans Executive Director, Macedonian Film Festival

The 1st Annual Macedonian Film Festival in Toronto was for me a Landmark, and a significant indication that our community has become very sophisticated. Here, in a darkened theatre we collectively re-affirm our past, wonder at our present and imagine a bright future....and we don’t even have to leave town. All this because of our film artists and the vision of Virginia Evans and the formidable committee. I am very proud to be a part of a Macedonia that contributes fresh insights on the human condition and emerges on the world stage as a wonder of the human spirit. I look forward to the 2nd Annual Macedonian Film Festival.
John Evans - Producer, Director, Actor

The festival is an important venue to showcase Macedonian talent and Macedonian films. As a Canadian-Macedonian filmmaker, I feel this festival brings people together, stimulates conversation and open people’s minds. My goal as a filmmaker is to aid that process and to feel that I have contributed something to the community and the city at large. Macedonia is a goldmine of incredible stories, history and peoples. The world needs to know more about Macedonia and it is through our filmmaking that we can deliver a portrait, a slice of life, a story to the global community. It is extremely important that we nurture Macedonian film or films by Canadian-Macedonians.
Sandra Danilovic - Producer, Writer, Director

Across The Lake – Directed by Antonio Mitrikeski, was one of the featured films and Antonio was present at the festival. I’m honored to be in Toronto, Canada for the First Macedonian Film Festival. I see the future of Macedonian Filmmaking as very positive and believe Macedonia must become more involved in co-productions, as the sharing of facilities, ideas, and technology will help to open up markets for Macedonian films – I believe in a world without borders. The rich culture of Macedonia represented by its churches, artifacts and history provides ideal locations and a source of inspiration for film-makers. Film can represent the country on the world stage and become its best ambassador.
Antonio Mitrikeski - Screenwriter/Director


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