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Carla Evans-Kerr
Memorial Gardens

Carla Evans-Kerr’s early years were influenced by the strong commitment of her family to Macedonian life in Toronto. Carla’s father, Dr. Carl Evans the first Macedonian optometrist in Toronto was responsible for one of the most significant advances in the contact lens field in the past fifty years. Alex Evans, her uncle was the owner of the Toronto landmark “Primrose Doughnuts”, and her father’s uncle Chris was a pioneer in candy manufacturing in Toronto. Marina Evans, Carla’s mother was a Sunday school teacher and an advocate for women’s rights and was also the first female president of Canadian Macedonian Place.

St. Cyril’s Church served as a spiritual and social connection to the Evans’s, as it did for so many Macedonians in the old days, Marina taught folk dancing at the church and as a result Carla, began what was to become a fifteen year love affair with Macedonian Folk dancing.

The obvious entrepreneurial background of the Evans family led Carla on her own path, initially assisting in the family eye practice, then owning her own business consulting and development companies.

Carla’s entrepreneurial background led to her and her husband of nineteen years Donovan Kerr, relocating to Arizona, where they developed a natural health business which centered on teaching licensed practitioners from around the world, how to implement new cutting edge technology, into their practices.

The couple returned home in order to spend some quality time with her mother after she became ill.

With the death of her mother, Carla became aware of the bewildering array of details that needed to be taken care of for cemetery and funeral arrangements. She says the one word that sums up her feelings at that time was “overwhelmed.”

After careful consideration for her long term future, Carla accepted a position with Highland Memorial Gardens. There are 87 decisions which must be made within a couple of days at considerable cost, when a loved one passes on. By informing those who are most vulnerable she views her decision as a very special service to the community.

Without preplanning there is an additional stress factor added to the equation, when upfront payment for services is required, this is accentuated by statistical findings which show that 8 out of 10 women face this reality when the men in their lives pass on.

Making final arrangements ahead of time is a wise and considerate decision made by more and more families today. It guarantees your wishes are observed, spares your family from undue pressure and can save money, as payments can be made in today’s dollars and at today’s prices. With the guidance of a prearrangement specialist, like Carla you can design a tribute that’s as classic or as innovative as the individual. By planning step by step, while minds are clear, families can discuss creative and budgetary options openly, avoiding the stress of uncertainty down the line.

Perhaps most importantly, planning your own cemetery and funeral arrangements in advance provides a very special peace of mind. Well over one million families just like yours have saved their loved ones from unnecessary grief and confusion by taking care of this inevitable situation.

Based on her own experiences, Carla advises her clients to take the first step and find out how inexpensive this valuable protection can be. She has a unique understanding of the needs of families and can provide compassionate professional guidance.

Highland is a large Canadian company with cemeteries and funeral homes across Canada. Highland Memory Gardens has become a treasured landmark in the GTA, becoming well known to families in the surrounding areas as the premier cemetery since 1953. Our newest cemetery “Highland Hills” has a Macedonian Garden that was blessed in the year 2000 by Arch Bishop Stefan of Macedonia.

Carla’s consultations are always free, and include a complimentary Family Estate Planner.


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