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Tony Stewart
RENOCLUB - A Unique Approach to Home Renovations

Are you planning a home renovation? Maybe you are planning a dream kitchen or a beautiful new bathroom? Perhaps you need additional living space or even a complete new custom home.

Unfortunately many people’s renovation dreams turn into construction nightmares! Over seventy percent of home renovation projects result in customer disappointment or dissatisfaction. Reasons range from poor quality or sub-standard workmanship, to long scheduling delays, and major cost overruns.

Seventy percent is an alarming number! It means that two out of every three people are unhappy with their renovation experience. What would a bad renovation experience mean to you? If you didn’t like the work, if it wasn’t up to code or it wasn’t what you expected? What if it took much longer than planned or it cost a lot more than you budgeted? For most people, these scenarios can be extremely stressful, in some cases disastrous.

So what is the solution?

Tony Stewart asked himself this same question. With more than fifteen years experience Tony was well aware of the pitfalls - dishonest or inexperienced contractors, unwary consumers, building code violations, supplier delays, and unforeseen technical problems. After a lot of research, and discussions with a wide variety of both consumers, designers, architects, and contractors and utilizing his own knowledge and experience Tony established Renoclub, a completely new approach to building and renovation.

Renoclub’s unique approach is designed to create a positive experience for our customers, and ultimately to save headaches, time and a great deal of money.

As a member of Renoclub you have access to a team of first-class designers, contractors, engineers, and suppliers. When you plan your renovation with us we start with an initial consultation to discover your needs and expectations. We then create detailed designs to suit your needs, including style, function and budget. Without good and detailed designs, your chances of success are limited. Once you approve the design we create detailed architectural drawings and illustrations that show exactly what is required including trim, appliances, materials and finishes. A budget is established and a timeline created. Renoclub then hires contractors as required, orders all materials, works with engineers, architects and building inspectors to ensure the project proceeds exactly as planned, and takes care of all facets of the job until it is completed to your satisfaction.

As a member of Renoclub you will also have access to top quality custom made products at the guaranteed best wholesale prices. That includes the best quality custom cabinetry, granite countertops, flooring, doors, windows and more.

You’ll be amazed at the money you will save even if you think you have done your best negotiating with other merchants.

Hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers attest to the success of Renoclub.

By creating a superior system, we provide superior results.

If you are planning a renovation or if you have any questions about Renoclub give Tony a call at: 416 707 4395 or email him at tonystewart@renoclub.com


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