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Tony Bozinovski
Berkshire Securities Incorporated

Tony Bozinovski is an independent registered financial advisor with Berkshire Securities Incorporated with over 12 years of professional experience in dealing with the personal financial and retirement planning needs of the Macedonian and Canadian communities. Berkshire Securities Incorporated is one of the largest fully independent financial investment companies in Canada. Unlike many major financial institutions, Berkshire Securities Incorporated does not offer their own line of “Berkshire branded” financial products and as a result advisors are free to offer individuals what matters most - independent advice based on the true needs of their clients. They manage over 12 billion dollars in investor assets and are members of the Investment Dealers Association (IDA), the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

Tony offers a diverse range of financial products and investment strategies intended to assist individual Canadians in planning and achieving their financial and personal retirement goals. Over the years he has developed extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with all levels of investors from the inexperienced novice to the experienced professional. Each individual has a unique set of financial needs and expectations, they experience different levels of comfort with risk, their investment time horizon varies, their personal wealth, their earnings and their understanding of investments are all different. These factors play a critical role in the advice, the investments and the strategies that Tony recommends.

His practice centres on growing investor assets through preservation of capital and tax advantaged investing for individuals and business owners. Tony’s committed conservative investment style focuses on a value approach when recommending any investment or strategy to a client. He understands and stresses to clients that two of the simplest factors that influence wealth creation are time and investment diversification. Individuals who consider working with Tony are taken through a friendly initial review process to gather basic financial information and begin to establish a personal trust and familiarity with him. As the session progresses he answers any questions you may have and listens to your needs, goals, concerns, and asks specific questions designed to help identify your personal level of investment sophistication, risk tolerance, financial expectations and finally to ensure there is a proper personal connection that will allow both of you to work well together and develop a long term trusting financial relationship.

Often individuals choose to set up additional review and discovery sessions, as often the amount of information exchanged may be extensive. During this process Tony is able to develop a more detailed analysis and a personal investment plan tailored for the individual, allowing him to make well defined recommendations and offer specific tax, investment, retirement, estate planning and financial advice. A written financial plan is created and used as a guide to achieving the defined goals. The plan will be updated frequently to ensure that any changes in your finances, employment, retirement, investment goals or changes in your life have been addressed in the updated plan.

Once you make the decision to work with and entrust your personal financial well being and investment assets to Tony you can expect the same high level of ongoing personal attention and care to continue.
        You will receive regular reports on all your investments, annual, semi-annual or quarterly meetings, to review your personal financial plan and your investment portfolio. You can expect full exposure to the broadest range of investment products available in today’s investor marketplace including access to initial public offerings, new issues, domestic and international stocks, bonds, fixed income investments, mutual funds, tax shelters and other specialty products.

Additionally, there will be ongoing financial, tax and retirement planning meetings to ensure that all your needs are being addressed. You may also expect priority access to Tony’s network of other related professionals and or professional services such as lawyers, accountants, taxation specialists, insurance specialists, financing specialists, will and estate planning services and more. You will also receive personal invitations to educational and financial seminars and special events.

Tony’s personal commitment to his clients is based on the simple principals of honesty, trust and discretion. He always strives to provide a unique and friendly experience for his clients while ensuring that they are always dealt with in an honest and trusting manner and with the highest degree of discretion as to their individual investments and personal assets.  He can be trusted to maintain absolute privacy in all your dealings both personal and professional. Additionally, all of the services he currently offers are available in Macedonian as well as in English. Tony speaks, reads and writes Macedonian and says “My goal is to see that you retire on your own terms and in a financially sound manner”.

In addition to serving his clientele, Tony invests a portion of his time in working within the Macedonian and Canadian communities for a variety of causes related to heritage education and religious and racial tolerance.

To ask a question or to personally speak with Tony regarding your financial planning needs or any investment issue you may contact him at
his office:  416-787-1616 Ext: 325,
his cellular: 416-884-8269
or at abozinovski@berkshire.ca


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